[clug] Any experience with Iinet, naked DSL and belkin four port wireles routers?

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Sun May 17 04:07:10 GMT 2009

> We are with Iinet broadband. We thought we would switch to naked DSL to
> use VOIP for our phone services. We also thought we would get a wireless
> router to connect our laptops to the internet without having to keep
> switching the one cable from machine to machine.

Sounds like a plan.

> Has anyone had any horrible experiences with Iinet naked dsl?

Nope. Well we had a few issues getting connected initially due to a
mismatched pair being plugged in at the exchange but that was hardly
iiNet's fault... The VoIP call quality in our case is faultless. I
especially like the ability to turn missed calls into mailed audio
files.   Means we can be out of town and still check our "messages"
from email. I use an external VoIP box (Linksys/Cisco SPA2002? I

> Has anyone had any horrible experiences with Iinet and their wireless
> routers?  I think that we are getting the one with four ports. Its a
> Belkin four port wireless router.

Nope. I have a linksys wireless doovie. The only thing that it is
missing is static DHCP address allocation which at times drives me
nuts given that I use dyndns.  I have a friend on iinet nekkid with a
Billion and it works fine.

Whatever you get I would recommend an integrated
ADSL2/Router/Wireless/firewall/VoIP thing if only because they are
cheap and cheerful these days. I have heard good things about the


good luck!

Andrew Janke
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