[clug] OLPC hackfest - May 2009 CLUG event

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Wed May 13 08:56:43 GMT 2009

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Hi all,

Last month I proposed having an evening hackfest for the OLPC, led by Pia
Waugh, for the CLUG PSIG evening for May.  Then Paul Fenwick turned out to be
in town, and I consulted with Pia.  She suggested that it would be better to
have the hackfest during Saturday anyway, to give people more time.  She
suggested having it at a cafe, and I rang our usual haunt (Cafe Essen) which I
~ know has WiFi access but has never revealed their WEP key.  One of the staff
there said that it was basically for the manager's use only, the staff didn't
know it, and the manager didn't give it out.

He also said that that the manager was even less likely to give it to a bunch
of people who occupied a table or two for four or five hours.  In that time,
they could turn over many times that amount of business with those tables, so
they generally dislike people taking up tables over long periods of time.  I
can understand their business logic but it seems a shame to drive away
long-term interest for short-term profit.  That's their decision to make,
though, and we should respect that.

So if anyone has any suggestions for venues for the hackfest, please let the
list, Pia or myself know ASAP.  The regular ANU CSIT N101 room is basically
out because Bob is busy with running the ANU FOSS course in that room during
Saturdays anyway (that's perhaps got a bit addled for sitting in my brain for
the last week), and I believe in not making any more demands on Bob and
Steve's time than we've really already committed to.  WiFi internet access
would be preferable, as would a decent selection of vegetarian food.

Thanks in advance,

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