[clug] eBook readers.

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Wed May 13 01:48:03 GMT 2009

Robert Edwards wrote:

> Tridge has a Sony e-book (also runs Linux) that he was hacking on at the
> Melbourne 2008 LCA. Uses the same sort of display technology.
> There was also a talk at LCA 2009 in Hobart about some of the challenges
> in writing a useable display driver for an e-ink display (eg. how do you
> have a pointer/cursor?). Can't find the link to it at the moment - sorry.

I have a Sony Reader as well, although its unhacked. I was hesitant
because of how much Sony suck DRM wise, but I've had no problems with
using un-DRMed content. Overall the platform is much more open than the

I haven't played with an Iliad, but I thought they were more expensive?


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