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Ian Matters wrote on 12/5/09 11:06 AM:
> Hi all.
> I can't imaging anybody buying anything from Microsoft because of
> Microsoft's not-so-famous levels of security.  There must me some other
> reason.
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[Point of this:]
[Microsoft *will* stumble. Who will win next? anyone's guess]

This link came by just now, somewhat relevant in describing Microsoft, I
suggest they are in 'The Swamp' moving to a 'Whirlpool':


Hartung divides the “lifecycle river” of typical businesses into five
* Wellspring, where the business “finds something that floats”;
* Rapids, where growth and innovation are fast and
  the business “Locks In” to a “Success Formula”;
* Flats, where growth slows and the marketplace stabilizes,
  but lock-in prevents a return to the Rapids;
* Swamp, where the Success Formula has failed,
  business leaders continue to do what they know how to do
 (they’re Locked Into it) and the result is to get completely stuck; and
* Whirlpool, where the marketplace sucks what little remains
  into oblivion.

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