[clug] DNS hosting

Steve McInerney steve at stedee.id.au
Fri May 8 09:54:40 GMT 2009

on 08/05/09 16:53 Michael James said the following:
> What do the erudite members of this list do for DNS services?

> So I'd like to hear any recommendations,

I just use DNS services, and highly recommend:

$15USD for 3 domains per year
$30USD for 10 etc

Their servers are scattered. Adding records is a snap. The one and only time
I've contacted their support was dealt with promptly and efficiently. And best
of all: they didn't treat me like a clueless id10t like most of the registrars
do. ie *solve* the problem, not close the ticket asap.

I was originally running my more critical domains with dnsmadeeasy handling
the secondaries off a named master under my direct control. But they were so
reliable, I gave that away.

They do have other services. Cant speak to any of them meeting your needs or not.


- Steve

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