[clug] DNS hosting

Hal Ashburner hal.ashburner at gmail.com
Fri May 8 07:26:03 GMT 2009

Michael James wrote:
> What do the erudite members of this list do for DNS services?
> At present I'm using  https://www.dnspark.net
> The service includes the very useful  "Mail Guiding" feature.
> I can set up any number of aliases @my.domain
>  and forward them to whatever mailbox I want to read them in.
> So at present
>  me_and_all_my_aliases_like_clug3 at my.domain
>  forward to ...                me at gmail.com
> Soon that might become        me at me.com.
> If I get tired of paying Apple the subs it will become something else.
> 2 problems:
>     They charge heaps to add an SMTP outgoing mail server.
>     They only have 1 MX pointing to a pool of A records.
>       (I think this is loosing me emails as mail servers pick a dud A 
> record repeatedly)
>       (IMHO it should be a pool of MXs each pointing to a single A 
> record)
>     They are pretty curt in dealing with problem tickets.
> Ok, OK, 3 problems. And they are jacking op their prices, 4 problems.
> So I'd like to hear any recommendations,
> TIA,
> michaelj
Free. Does what I need including dynamic updates, mail "forwarding"
You can then set up you at yourdomain to work with somerandom at gmail.com
And use gmail to do imap and smtp for your you at yourdomain..
More funky stuff if you want to pay them.

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