[clug] DNS hosting

Michael James michael at james.st
Fri May 8 06:53:28 GMT 2009

What do the erudite members of this list do for DNS services?

At present I'm using  https://www.dnspark.net

The service includes the very useful  "Mail Guiding" feature.
I can set up any number of aliases @my.domain
  and forward them to whatever mailbox I want to read them in.

So at present
  me_and_all_my_aliases_like_clug3 at my.domain
  forward to ...				me at gmail.com
Soon that might become		me at me.com.
If I get tired of paying Apple the subs it will become something else.

2 problems:

	They charge heaps to add an SMTP outgoing mail server.

	They only have 1 MX pointing to a pool of A records.
	  (I think this is loosing me emails as mail servers pick a dud A  
record repeatedly)
	  (IMHO it should be a pool of MXs each pointing to a single A record)

	They are pretty curt in dealing with problem tickets.

Ok, OK, 3 problems. And they are jacking op their prices, 4 problems.

So I'd like to hear any recommendations,

Well theme my KDE4 emoticons disgusted. What has Linux come to?
Michael James		clug3 at james.st

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