[clug] OT: heat pump

Fred Pilcher fpilcher at netspeed.com.au
Wed May 6 22:06:10 GMT 2009

bnc wrote:
> Fred,
> I have just installed a Siddons Solarstream last week.
> Just be aware that heat pumps do not work too well in cold weather.
> There is a solution though.
> You will need to see mine to check it out.
> Brian

That'd be great, Brian. I know they have a standard electric booster 
which I assume takes over when it's too cold for the heat pump to work, 
but knowledge is power. ;-) I'll contact you off-list.

Just by the way, for anyone interested, if you live in NSW you can 
replace a standard electric water heater with one of these for a couple 
of hundred bucks thanks to the various subsidies available. ACT 
residents miss out on the NSW gubmint subsidy of $800, which makes the 
purchase price around $1k, but still damn cheap.


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