Hot water (Was: Re: [clug] 24" LCDs)

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Mon May 4 12:55:11 GMT 2009

Hi Sam,

On Mon, 4 May 2009 22:33:22 +1000 Sam Couter <sam at> wrote:
> I really wanted to go solar, but they're cost prohibitive compared to
> just about any other system and they require a secondary heating system
> anyway for cloudy days.

Did you check out the rebates (if they were available to you)?  I have an
evacuated tube solar system that was unfortunately undersized for our
house (we have two teenagers :-)).  That being said, I had to boost the
system three times between October and March (inclusive) (and one of
those was because the cockatoos had torn the temperature sensor out of
the manifold on the roof :-().

I have also only boosted 4 times since the beginning of April.  I know it
is a bit down hill from here, but my boosting is electric and 100%
GreenPower ...

> The gas starts burning as soon as the water flows. It takes less than ten
> seconds for hot water to come out after turning on the tap, compared with
> maybe three or four with the old storage system. The water isn't quite
> as hot either, only 50C instead of 70 or 80C. I haven't measured how

The lower temperature would be because all systems now must have a
tempering valve so that water entering your house has to be mixed with
cold so that it is not more than 50C.

> Are we off topic yet?

Ha! Changed the subject :-)

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