[clug] OT: Hardware supplies in Canberra.

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Fri May 1 13:03:24 GMT 2009

Mike Carden wrote:
> That's the sort of thing that I'd first try to cannibalise from some
> random PCB from my junk box. Failing that I'd probably online order
> one from farnell... until I (re)discovered how crap their catalogue
> search is.
> Then I'd search Jaycar's site and find this:
> http://jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=PS0916&CATID=35&form=CAT&SUBCATID=504
Andrew's example was an SMT mount and the Jaycar version is a 
through-hole.  Jaycar would be my pick for this kind of thing as well 
but they generally don't stock anything surface mount.

Farnell has one that looked closer, it was easier to find than most of 
the things I look for on there.

The sad reality of Farnell's website is that it's the best out there.  
Soanar is about ten times slower and no easier to navigate.  Digikey is 
a US based company with a wider range, it's website looks like it was 
done in the early 90s.  Farnell gets better once you become familiar 
with it, I've had a few people had work help teach me how to navigate it.


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