[clug] 24" LCDs

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Fri May 1 11:26:05 GMT 2009

> Recently replaced the sony with a samsung 27" syncmaster 275t.
> It contains an inbuilt hub, 3 video connections plus other stuff.
> I just plugged it into my laptop and it just worked.
> You can change the resolution easily using xrandr


And on this note, do you every have trouble getting the 275t to wake from sleep?

>From what I have read it is a common problem with older video cards.
It is also all over various mac forums. I use a DVI connection via a
thinkpad dock but often have to do a Alt-Ctrl-F1 Alt-F7 and press the
source button on the monitor a few times dance to make the 275t wake
up.  Is there a xrandr "wakeup" command?


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