[clug] 24" LCDs

bnc bnc at netspeed.com.au
Fri May 1 10:35:26 GMT 2009

I purchased a Sony 21" the week they came out, still working.
I was looking at a LCD TV to replace it but then decided I really
wanted a good monitor.

Recently replaced the sony with a samsung 27" syncmaster 275t.
It contains an inbuilt hub, 3 video connections plus other stuff.

I just plugged it into my laptop and it just worked.
You can change the resolution easily using xrandr

So off this screen at the moment I have two dvd players, my printer, 
and webcam.

Oh, and the resolution is great too:)

A bit more than the 24" you requested but if you really want to replace
the 21"....


On Fri, 1 May 2009 16:02:25 +1000
"Pilcher, Fred" <Fred.Pilcher at act.gov.au> wrote:

> Having been on the receiving end of Kev's largesse, I now need to do
> my patriotic duty and spend it. I'm finally considering sacrificing my
> beloved Sony 21" CRT for a 24" LCD (the smallest that will give me the
> same 1200 vertical res as the Sony). Does anyone have any
> recommendations? I'd like something with halfway decent colour
> rendition.
> Ta,
> Fred 
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