[clug] 24" LCDs

Alex Satrapa alexsatrapa at mac.com
Fri May 1 06:42:17 GMT 2009

On 01/05/2009, at 16:02 , Pilcher, Fred wrote:

> Does anyone have any
> recommendations? I'd like something with halfway decent colour
> rendition.

I'm somewhat pleased with my HP w2448hc, got it on special at Harvey  
Norman. 1920 x 1200 or whatever. It's got a decent horizontal viewing  
angle, and a nifty pivot function which is rendered useless by the  
vertical viewing angle. I don't know why they bothered.

It takes VGA (why?), DVI and HDMI (and yes, it has built-in speakers  
so you can actually use the HDMI for sound too). Also has built-in  
microphone and webcam.

Works out of the box with my Mac and Vista laptops.

All my twiddling has not got the colour working "right" with my  
MacBook though. I'm not using it for photographic work, so I'm quite  
content with it for the meantime. BBEdit or EVE Online both work just  

I haven't tried using the HDMI output on the Medion laptop when  
running Ubuntu though.


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