[clug] Buying a Notebook without Windows

Jason Stokes glasper9 at yahoo.com.au
Mon Mar 30 12:05:18 GMT 2009

No experience, I've always bought my notebooks secondhand.  But 
Lenovo, after some fanfare about offering preloaded Linux, has dropped
all Linux preloads in favor of Windows.  Unsurprising; the future of Linux
on Thinkpads was always in doubt as soon as the division left 

Apparently you can still get some "high end" Lenvo
products with no OS at all, see: http://www.desktoplinux.com/news/NS2988739865.html.

Acer is probably your best bet, they have positioned themselves as the Linux
company and have a lot of preloaded Linux stuff.

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Subject: [clug] Buying a Notebook without Windows

I am in the process of looking for a new notebook.
What have been your experiences in trying to buy one without windows?
And which company is likely to provide one without windows?

So far I have been looking at Dell and Lenovo.

Karun Dambiec
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