[clug] Kernel without initramfs

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Thu Mar 26 23:42:07 GMT 2009

Daniel Pittman wrote:
> My guess is that you mention it to emphasise the "avoid writes",
> together with your claim that ext3 journalling causes a "fantastic"
> number of writes, correct?
Would it be wrong to guess that journalling (ext3 style) would increase
the number of writes by a factor of a little over 2?

Each write to fs would involve a preliminary write to the journal. Every
now and then (1 sec., 5 secs, whatever) the journal needs to be cleared.
Or is this a little too simplistic?

A more important consideration for ext2 or 3 or most other r/w fs's on
a flash device is to turn off access-time updates to inode metadata.
This is obvious, but I might regain some kudos by grabbing the
low-hanging fruit... :-)
Turn off access-time updates by specifying "noatime" in the mount
options in fstab (usually).


Bob Edwards.

> Regards,
>         Daniel

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