[clug] [OT] research for BarCampII

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Mon Mar 23 05:59:06 GMT 2009

Hi all - sorry for the Off-Topic post...

Canberra BarCampII is on this Saturday (unless I am mistaken...).

I am looking into issues around social network sites and thought I'd
ask the many excellent brains on this list for any additional material
around the legal aspects of hosting private and/or identity-revealing
data on sites in foreign countries (in particular the U.S.).

Eg. how hard is it for a person or corporation in Australia to sue
a U.S. company that misuses personal and/or identity data? Which
jurisdiction would you take action in? Are there any good cases to
look at? Any good stories about foreign governments accessing data
held in information systems in their territory (eg. U.S. Secret Service,
F.B.I., Dept. of Homeland Security, N.S.A. or others accessing data
about Australians or other foreigners held in data centers in the U.S.)?

Also, any stories similar to the recent Facebook change to their EULA
(and then back again)? Any stories of social networking sites going
broke and selling their database to another company who then changes
the EULA or otherwise misuses the personal data?

Any stories about how enforcable a EULA written in one country is to
people living in another?

I already have some material but am looking for a fast way to get
some more...


Bob Edwards.

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