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Andrew Janke wrote on 22/3/09 1:21 PM:
> Stumbled on this (via the ITK mailing list)
>    http://www.defensivepublications.org/
> Anyone have a comment?
> a

It's a fine goal - if done well, could be a Game Changer.

Citeseer and 'Archive.org' do something not dissimilar for Academic

The problem is convincing Patent Offices to instruct their examiners to
*use* the sources out there... That's highly political and the database
has to be constructed and searchable by the criteria examiners use (like
classification codes).

Can't just be a google search with lots of false/possible hits - the
search engine has to be very well targeted to the problem.

Recent success story (look how long it took to get even the EU on-board)

TKDL - "Traditional Knowledge Digital Library" sponsored by the India Govt.


"Defensive publications, which are endorsed by the USPTO as an IP rights
management tool, are documents that provide descriptions and artwork of
a product, device or method so that it enters the public domain and
becomes prior art.

"This powerful preemptive disclosure prevents other parties from
obtaining a patent on the product, device or method. It enables the
original inventor to ensure that they have access to their invention by
preventing others from later making patent claims on it. It also means
that they do not have to shoulder the cost of patent applications."

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