[clug] Report from the rally

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Sat Mar 21 12:38:38 GMT 2009

On 21/03/2009, at 18:56 , Fred Pilcher wrote:

> The Greens speaker was good and well-received. The guy from EFA  
> wasn't a great speaker, but Fiona Patten, Senate candidate for the  
> Australian Sex Party, spoke exceptionally well and intelligently  
> about the whole sorry mess.

There was also a speaker representing Australian small businesses,  
whose main point I recall being that the greatest risk presented by  
the Great Firewall for small businesses would be the censoring of  
their online presence with no warning, no recourse, and no grievance  

I have asked Bob McMullan about what processes are in place for  
monitoring & challenging blacklisting but have yet to receive a  
response. I expect to be posting to this list when I get a reply,  
especially if it's a form letter, "movies are censored, so the  
Internet should be too."

Which reminds me that one of the EFA guy's arguments was that the  
Internet makes everyone a publisher, we can't all afford to have  
lawyers to challenge the Government rating of our content, which means  
that rating the Internet is effectively the same as censoring  
individuals - or stifling free speech.

I have no idea who the people in the interesting costumes were, or  
whether they were representing some special interest group, but they  
certainly brightened up the protest gathering :)


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