[clug] What holes do I punch into Windows XP home firewall for a remote X session?

Jason Stokes glasper9 at yahoo.com.au
Thu Mar 19 22:41:46 GMT 2009

I have configured a desktop Ubuntu Linux box for remote X with XDMCP, and I can connect and login fine over the network when I boot my notebook in Ubuntu, but not when I am trying to connect with Cygwin/X on Windows XP.  On XP, I can get the welcome screen OK but after I login the session freezes before I can get a desktop.  I have discovered that disabling the Windows firewall allows me to login fine, so it's clearly an issue with some port being blocked that Ubuntu/Gnome wants to talk to before setting up the desktop.  I don't want to leave Windows Firewall off all the time -- does anyone know the specific port that is the hangup, and what service the Ubuntu box is trying to connect to?  If I know I can add an exception.

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