[clug] Internet Banking and Linux Support.

Randall Crook rcrook at vtown.com.au
Thu Mar 12 05:22:05 GMT 2009

Thanks all,

I spent a number of hours trawling through the big banks pages checking 
fees and account options and realised that they are all pretty much the 
same fees wise. So it boiled down to convenience and prior experience 
thus leading me to St George.

I have dealt with them before and found them passably human to their 
customers and it is the only bank that actually has an ATM in both of 
the closest shopping centres near my home in Richardson.

And since the latest Bank scam is to slug you $2 for every transaction 
on non-proprietary ATM's, that certainly is a big attraction to me.

It's also great to know I should not have any trouble doing my on-line 
banking with them. I get the feeling that the banks have, to some 
degree, realised that MS does not own the entire world just yet.


Steve Walsh wrote:
> Randall Crook wrote:
>> NAB
> yes, works fine on Firefox after click past the "ZOMG the world is 
> going to end, and all because you wanted to use an unspported browser" 
> page.
>> Westpac
> yes, works fine on Firefox
>> ANZ
> As Above
>> St. George
> Don't know
> also:
> Bendigo Bank
> yes, works fine on Firefox
> Commonwealth Bank
> yes, works fine on Firefox

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