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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Mon Mar 9 06:51:03 GMT 2009

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Paul Wayper wrote:
| Hi everyone,
| I've got a whole bunch of miscellaneous bits and pieces that I'd like some
| money back for, so I thought I'd advertise on the list.  I'd like to get
| them out of the house and being useful, though, so all reasonable offer will
| be entertained.  Come and pick them up during the long weekend!

This whole cleaning out thing is quite infectious - I've got some more goodies:

Hard disks - all PATA, fully working as of yesterday morning, 3.5" except
where noted:

* 2.2GB Fujitsu ($1)
* 3.2GB IBM ($1)
* 10GB Seagate U-series ($4)
* 40GB Seagate Barracuda ($16)
* 80GB Samsung 2.5" Laptop drive ($40)
* 250GB Seagate Barracuda ($80)

4x Non-functioning hard disks (free to good home)

Alcatel "Stingray" USB ADSL1 modem - capable of the full 8/1Mbit ADSL1 standard.

WinFast 2000 Analog TV tuner - also has S-Video / Composite input plus FM
Radio and remote control.

TwinHan VisionPlus Digital TV tuner.

2x PCI Sound cards (one Turtle Beach (!), one Creative Labs) with in, out, mic
and joystick ports.

4x PCI Video cards (all S3 chipset).

3x AGP Video cards (Diamond Viper V770, Matrox (!), NVidia GeForce MX400)

4x PCI 10/100baseT ethernet cards - wide variety of heights.

Thanks to the people who have offered to take things off my hands, the
original list is now down to:

Jetway 694TAS motherboard with Intel Pentium 3 processor.  3 SIMM slots,
AGP, 5c PCI, 1xISA (!), 2xIDE FDD, 2xUSB, 2x serial, parallel, game, audio
in/out/mic, joystick, headers for 2xUSB, modem slot thing.  Can also supply

TDK 100x CD-R-80 pack.

Please, come and make my cupboards emptier!

Have fun,


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