[clug] Also cleaning up...

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Sun Mar 8 05:00:50 GMT 2009

Must be the long weekend for cleaning up. I'm cleaning out the cupboards too.

1. Nokia phone charger (ACP-7A). Probably good with Paul's phone collection...

2. Alcatel Speedtouch Home ADSL modem (circa 2000!). Works OK, but slow with 
anything more than plain ADSL1.

3. Microsoft Bluetooth "Intellimouse".

4. Base station and charger / power supply for a Sharp Zaurus.

5. Logitech MX700 mouse and base station

6. Logitech Bluetooth headset (with fancy case)

7. Imation USB CD-RW drive. Probably USB 1.0, maybe 1.1

8. Belkin USB->Ethernet adapter.

9. Acer USB mouse

10. Creative USB gamepad

11. Boot disk from a Redhat 5.1 box set. OK, probably only historic value...

12. Processor and Fan. The processor says Intel celeron FV524RX366.

13. Video input / tuner board of some kind. Has connections labeled antenna, 
Audio out, COMP and S-VIDEO. Main chip says BT848AKPF.

14. PC100 RAM, 128Mb x 2 sticks

15. DDR RAM (PC2700), 128Mb.

Best offer (cash, or donation to a charity, or use in a free software 
activity, or "I'll take it no-one else wants it") by Wednesday 8pm wins. Will 
bring to PSIG this week, or to CLUG if its a good offer. You can also arrange 
to pick up from Farrer or Russell Offices. Won't ship.

I'm happy to swap for other things of interest. I'm particularly looking for:

A. Laptop-style CD/DVD drive that can at least read DVDs (ideally the 
removable drive from a Dell SX270 - Dell P/N;6P811-A00 or the "H-L Data 
Storage Model GCC-4241N" from inside it).

B. HP inkjet cartridges ("57" and "58")

C. Cardboard "book and wine" packing/storage boxes.


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