[clug] multiple tape drives

Andrew andrew at donehue.net
Sun Mar 1 10:00:12 GMT 2009

Hi All,

I'm looking to setup a linux server with multiple tape drives attached.  
I have only ever used a single tape drive in the past (and I am use to 
it showing up as /dev/st0)...

It is likely that each drive will be on it's own dedicated channel (2 UW 
SCSI cards each with 2 channels).

My question is, is there any way I can lock the ordering of the tape 
drives (including after reboot)?
(Ie, so I know that tape drive A -> /dev/st0, drive B -> /dev/st1, 
etc)?  I want to do this so that I know which drive I am writing to (and 
data/labeling doesn't get mixed up)

If they were all on the same channel then i suspect that changing the 
channel ID would help, but since they will all be on different channels 
there is a possibility of some other ordering taking place.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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