[clug] Google compared to latest Microsoft evilness

Al MailingList alpal.mailinglist at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 08:29:30 MDT 2009

> Sorry, Chris, but you've got that a bit mixed up.
> Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a free operating system - there's no restriction
> on what hardware you can run it on.
> That said, you only get the support you pay for.
> So, I can download and install RHEL on a machine with 16 CPUs and 64GB of
> RAM, and use it to my heart's content. When I call up the RH Support number,
> they will provide support for up to n CPUs and nGB of RAM, depending on the
> support level I have.

To summarise... as long as the issue is occuring on a cpu < n, and in
within the first nGB of RAM, you should be fine. Alternatively, if you
are running a quad core box, and only have paid support for a dual
core, the support person only says every second word.



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