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Adam Thomas adam.lloyd at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 22:17:02 GMT 2009

2009/1/20 Pilcher, Fred <Fred.Pilcher at act.gov.au>:
> Has anyone played around with XBMC (http://xbmc.org)?
> I installed it on a couple of my Ubuntu boxes. It's quite nice, but it
> runs like the proverbial dog. This surprised my friend who runs it on a
> couple of quite low-powered Apple devices and says it runs sweetly on
> those. Running it on my 3GHz P4 with 2GB RAM and a low-end but
> accelerated NVIDIA card it's virtually unusable - on a lower-powered
> computer it's completely unusable. I wonder whether it's just the Linux
> build, or something else.

My media machine runs XBMC on Ubuntu (ibex). It runs fine at 720x576
(PAL) using an old GeForce 4 MX440 AGP card with less CPU and RAM than
your machine. My only guess would be that XBMC doesn't agree that
there is hardware acceleration and is using it's SDL renderer.

Can you run other apps which need hardware acceleration?

Anything interesting in the log file (mine's here: /var/tmp/xbmc-xbmc.log)?

> Cheers,
> Fred
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