[clug] how do I mount 2 dirs into one?

Paul mylists at wilsononline.id.au
Sun Jan 18 03:54:47 GMT 2009

is it possible to combine two directories into one mount point?
I'm trying to access my MythTV recording directories from a Samba share?
I have setup MythTV Storage pools :
1. /video/store/
2/ /video/store2/recordings

I have a windows have which can launch a video player using a samba share
eg \\mythbox\recordings\

but some recordings are on #1 and some on #2. therefor the launch fails.

I have two choices
1. try to find a solution (as above)
2. write another mythtv player (launcher) which can search multiple shares/location and 
launch the media-player with that location/directory & filename

Note the program I'm trying to emulate looks like : http://tapeworm.spurgeonwoods.com/
but the author isn't supporting app any more.


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