[clug] For the {Ubuntu,Gnome}-ites

Fred Pilcher fpilcher at netspeed.com.au
Sat Jan 17 04:41:25 GMT 2009

Brad Hards wrote:
> Equivalent in dolphin:
> View->Panels->Terminal, or just press F4.
> No extra downloads or killall required.

Since I've had to use Gnome on my EeePC (after installing Eeebuntu) I've 
noticed that a lot of things that seem to be inbuilt in KDE have to be 
installed as packages in Gnome. This is one example. Others I've noticed 
so far include showing minimised apps in the panel and running a desktop 
wallpaper slideshow.

I know that the Gnome/KDE thing is tantamount to a religious war, but 
I'm sufficiently uninformed to avoid the jihad.

Is it generally true, though, and, if so, is Gnome inherently leaner 
than KDE because it doesn't have all this stuff included?

Forgive my ignorance.


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