[clug] Pop quiz.. (DHCP and servers).

Michael James michael at james.st
Wed Jan 14 05:38:37 GMT 2009

On Tue, 13 Jan 2009 09:38:56 pm Andrew Janke wrote:
> Should you or shouldn't you let your servers/desktops
> get their IP address via DHCP?

DHCP rocks!  It helps implement the aphorism:

	Distribute simplicity, Concentrate complexity.

Allows you to use default configurations on all clients,
 and centralise all the pain of network configuration.
When the network addresses change in bulk it's a godsend.
Except for the DHCP and DNS servers, I would call
 all the servers "network clients" and DHCP them statically.

IMHO there should always be a pool of annonymous IPs.
To not have it isn't security, it just encourages IP piracy.

In a corporate environment I'd set it up that
 the anonymous machines end up on a net
 where all they can see is a https page asking them to register.
Once someone has authenticated as the machine's sponsor,
 it gets another IP that wil let it onto the net.


There is no perl one line hack
 that a page of java won't do more elegantly.

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