[clug] Pop quiz.. (DHCP and servers).

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Tue Jan 13 12:06:31 GMT 2009

Fixed IP for servers and printers.  Doesn't rule out DHCP.  In fact  
entries for printers with fixed IPs in the DHCP server tables can be  
useful at times.  Actually I prefer fixed IP number whether manual or  
DHCP.  Makes it easier to find and trace problems.

It is worth having some way of checking for rogue DHCP servers though.

On 2009/Jan/13, at 11:45 AM, David wrote:

> DHCP for anything not a server. 2 week lease times unless I'm  
> expecting a lot of visitors - then I shrink it down to a matter of  
> hours or less.
> DHCP is so light weight that I get (almost) any old server do it as  
> an add on task as long as it has connectivity and a copy of dhcpd.conf
> At least that's my opinion...
> Andrew Janke wrote:
>> Should you or shouldn't you let your servers/desktops get their IP
>> address via DHCP?
>> As I see it the pros are:
>>   * Easier to config and re-install (one less thing to do)
>>   * Easier to change IP configs/DNS/ntp/etc.
>> Cons:
>>   * DHCP server becomes a big SPOF unless you use large lease times
>>   * A tad more network traffic/noise
>> In my case given that I use cfengine2 to look after all my servers  
>> and
>> desktops this is sort of moot but I have always been curious on the
>> general consensus for this. If you do I will be interested in your
>> comments as to what you set your lease time to.
>> ta
>> a
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