[clug] What's your favourite computer store?

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Mon Jan 12 21:53:22 GMT 2009

For sheer convenience (I seldom find buying off the web all that 
convenient), I also use the "7 Star Tech Shop" at ANU. Ren is very
friendly and is always willing to hunt around for that special
part with his suppliers, if he doesn't have what I am looking for
in store. If I tell him how much I can get (eg.) a couple of sticks
of ECC RAM for from web suppliers, he will try and match the price.


Bob Edwards.

Paul Warren wrote:
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> steve jenkin wrote:
>> Years ago Cougar (out at Mitchell?) used to be a simple place to check
>> for bits - even systems.
>> ANU/DCS even built the 'Bunyip' Beowulf cluster from Cougar systems.
>> So where do folks go now?
>> What's your favourite place to buy bits, upgrades and systems??
>> The Computer Fair?
>> On-line?
>> Any shops in town?
>> Shops elsewhere?
>> cheers
>> steve
> These days I usually just buy online, the price difference to canberra
> retailers is usually fairly significant, even with the postage included.
> If I have to have it today however, I go usually to Tech Warehouse on
> Grimwade St in Mitchell.  Friendly knowledgable staff, and reasonable
> prices.  Sometimes the stock is a little low.
> http://www.techwarehouse.com.au
> Or if I really need it NOW, I go to the one on the ANU campus, "7 star"
> I think it's called, but only because I can walk there during lunch.
> Cheers
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