[clug] EeePC 1000 coming..

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Mon Jan 12 03:02:41 GMT 2009

On 12/01/2009, at 11:32 , Ben wrote:

> Looks sweet, but I think I'd prefer real keys - although maybe not.
> certainly take a bit of getting used to.

 From experience using the iPhone, you won't miss keys and keypresses  
so much as you'll miss the little bumps on the home keys, and the  
little tactile hints that "there's a key here". Other than that,  
touching a glass screen to interact with the computer is only hobbled  
by the UI design.

Like most novel input devices (Dvorak keyboard, Nostromo SpeedPad, for  
example) it should only take you a couple of weeks to get used to it,  
after which you'll be able to hold your nose a little higher as the  
great unwashed masses complain about how your preferred input device  
can't possibly work...


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