[clug] re: modelling tools

Greg O'Keefe greg.okeefe at anu.edu.au
Fri Jan 9 06:38:32 GMT 2009

> I have been doing a bit of process and data flow modelling of late...
> and now I am looking for a diagraming/modelling tool that has a backend
> store/library  of objects, such that when I make chnages to attributes
> of an object in one diagram, I have the option to update all other
> diagrams that contain that object.

The Eclipse Modelling Framework is the place to look for real free 
modelling tools these days.  UML is supported the way you say, because 
it has a standard XML format and the diagrams are just ways of 
displaying or editing bits of the model. I'm not sure what modelling 
language you are actually using, or whether it would be supported, but 
nose around the Eclipse-sphere and see what you find.

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