[clug] Linux mobo - good and cheap

Algis Kabaila akabaila at pcug.org.au
Tue Jan 6 04:49:59 GMT 2009


A big "Thank You"  to all who responded to the enquiry, particularly to ("in 
order of appearance"):
Mike Carden, Chris Smart, David Tulloh, Owen Cook, Daniel Pitman, Rainer 
Klein, Rod Peters, Adam Jenkins.  A lot of information there!

Just to underline something that I mentioned in my enquiry: On the amd64 box 
with a mobo with Nvidia chipset I do get the same "out of range" result with 
the recent ubuntu as well as suse.

To be fair, In another situation with an el cheapo Acer laptop, ubuntu *did* 
have a better support for that Acer.  So, actually there is not much to pick 
between distros.   I should also note that openSUSE10.3 works well with my 
amd64 box. I am writing with that box now and that is one reason why I am so 
slow to test hardware on it. 

To sum it up in a sentence, for an old newbie it seems that Chris' suggestion 
of mobo with Intel chipsets is a good starting point.  Also, Rod's 
information of his experience with EAH3450 tells me that it is well worth 
investigating. I would experiment with all suggestions, but the time is 
catching up with me, so I need to select a subset.

Thank you all again,


Dr Algis Kabaila

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