[clug] Interesting article

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Tue Jan 6 00:56:25 GMT 2009

Steve Walsh wrote:
> Michael Still wrote:
>> Steve Walsh wrote:
>>> Having just gone through a whole bunch of documentation as part of a 
>>> student email migration, neither gmail or hotmail (or hotmail as 
>>> exchange labs) explicitly guarantee the availability or accessibility 
>>> of your email. They generally (from what I could extract with pokers 
>>> and teeth pliers) do "backup" by keeping your email in perpetual 
>>> motion on a daily basis, so that if they lose the DC you happen to be 
>>> in, TS, but it only impacts a small number of people. If you want the 
>>> ability to recover email that's been deleted or lost in a system 
>>> crash, then you run your email through a (different) company that 
>>> archives your mail first.
>> This is incorrect.
> can you elaborate on this? Gmail does do archiving and backup of all 
> email, or all email is kept in the one datacentre for all eternity?

I think it would be best for your Google sales dude to explain how it works.


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