[clug] Eeebuntu

Fred Pilcher fpilcher at netspeed.com.au
Mon Jan 5 22:16:56 GMT 2009

Kim Holburn wrote:
> Does it suspend and (more importantly) resume like Xandros?

Suspends and resumes perfectly. :-)

Tim Jones wrote:
 > I'd also be interested in how well the web camera works under
 > Eeebuntu, and what tools you need to do an install (USB disk, I
 > guess?), if you don't mind talking about it ;)

The webcam works, though it gets turned off in the BIOS when Eeebuntu 
gets installed and you have to turn it back on manually (once). There's 
a little utility called eee-control that you can install that lets you 
control the camera, power settings, wifi, the card reader and bluetooth 
from the panel. Its daemon conflicts with another daemon (asus_eee) that 
you have to turn off by removing it from /etc/modules.


 > It looks great, but the official install instructions seem pretty 
well hidden...

It's just a standard installation process - download the image 
(http://www.eeebuntu.org/index.php?page=download), burn it to CD or USB 
stick, then run as a live CD or install it directly.

There are instructions for putting it on a USB stick here:


The forums are pretty informative: http://forum.eeebuntu.org/index.php

Having said all that, nothing is completely painless. I installed it 
first to the 4GB partition on my 901 and I think I filled it up by 
installing software - the computer became unbootable. I installed it on 
the 16GB partition and haven't had any problems since, though I hear 
that the larger partition is slower.

And I hate Gnome. Did I already mention that? ;-)


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