[clug] Eeebuntu

jhock jhock at iinet.net.au
Mon Jan 5 22:09:08 GMT 2009


I have just bought an Eee PC 1000 HDD with (unfortunately) Windows XP.
I want to get rid of Windows and load Ubuntu.  I have downloaded ubuntu
8.10 and created a bootable USB memory stick.  I am now downloading the
Eeebuntu 8.10 and will copy it to my USB stick.

The problem that I have is setting the BIOS to boot from the USB stick.
I can't seem to get that to work.  Any hints to do this while I'm
waiting for the Eeebuntu to download?



On Mon, 2009-01-05 at 14:11 +1100, Fred Pilcher wrote:
> Happy new year, all. :-)
> Just thought I'd report on installing Eeebuntu Standard 2.0 on my Eee 
> 901. Long story short - brilliant. It's a real pity to see support for 
> and development of the Xandros build for the Eees going down the 
> gurgler, but the Eeebuntu guys have done an excellent job.
> http://www.eeebuntu.org/
> It all worked pretty well OOTB, though I really really really don't like 
> Gnome and would love to get KDE 3.5 running on it. Nevertheless, with a 
> little tweaking I've got most of my preferred software running and Gnome 
> doing most of the stuff that KDE does.
> One thing that blew me away was that Compiz works. I really didn't think 
> the Eee would have enough grunt to run that eye candy, but it works 
> perfectly.
> The other surprise was that Kaffeine happily plays SD teevee using that 
> little Asus USB tuner that I got last year. It struggles with HD, but 
> that's only to be expected. DVD Mpvies are no problem at all.
> I thoroughly recommend it. :-)
> Cheers,
> Fred

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