[clug] Interesting article

Michael Cohen scudette at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 10:40:36 GMT 2009

People use gmail because its so innovative. For example I can not use
Lookout or even thunderbird any more because Im too used to the way
gmail displays conversations as threads, including the email i sent
interspersed with the messages people sent me in reply. This is so
much more logical than the stupid inbox/outbox of yesteryear where I
need to hunt around the inbox and outbox to reconstruct the
conversation. I actually find the web interface far more powerful than
the windows (or gnome) interface. Its far more flexible in the way you
can place widgets on the screen. (web GUIs are far easier to write and
more powerful than widget based GUIs like gnome/qt or win32).

And the recent pdf viewer in the browser feature absolutely rocks -
who wants to fire up a whole new app just to look at a PDF. Chat is
also a killer app. I think you would struggle to provide similar
applications in an enterprise scenario (given that most enterprises
have to spend a huge sum of money on MS IT infrastructure). If indeed
google sell an appliance that does gmail inside the network it would
certainly be a killer app.

Google docs is great for collaboration - I wrote a 50+ page technical
paper simultaneously with 3 people on 2 continents - I could actually
see the text appear as they typed it.

I think it will get to the stage where users will demand this in the enterprise.

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