[clug] Bluez blues

David cottrill.david at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 05:09:36 GMT 2009

Has anyone successfully gotten a bluetooth access point up and running?

I'm no slouch at bending Linux to my will, and my brother is 
considerably better but we have both been forced to put it in the too 
hard basket until some whiff of knowledge comes along.
Right now there are no errors being thrown in dmesg (took a while) and 
the many configuration files seem to be right for gateway device.
Having said that, it doesn't advertise any services other than remote 
control - which seems to be the root of the problem - have had only 
minor problems assigning an IP to the device. Haven't bothered setting 
up iptables until I can get some sort of TCP/IP connection.

By using standard bluetooth file push files can be transferred 
successfully to and from the device.

Why bother..? Because a standard wireless network crashes our wireless 
modem - forcing a hard reboot (I assume it tries to compensate for the 
noise and eventually crowds itself out). Firmware upgrades are not on 
the cards as they have a bad habit of bricking the Telstra (Maxon) modems.

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