[clug] Eeebuntu

Fred Pilcher fpilcher at netspeed.com.au
Mon Jan 5 03:11:36 GMT 2009

Happy new year, all. :-)

Just thought I'd report on installing Eeebuntu Standard 2.0 on my Eee 
901. Long story short - brilliant. It's a real pity to see support for 
and development of the Xandros build for the Eees going down the 
gurgler, but the Eeebuntu guys have done an excellent job.


It all worked pretty well OOTB, though I really really really don't like 
Gnome and would love to get KDE 3.5 running on it. Nevertheless, with a 
little tweaking I've got most of my preferred software running and Gnome 
doing most of the stuff that KDE does.

One thing that blew me away was that Compiz works. I really didn't think 
the Eee would have enough grunt to run that eye candy, but it works 

The other surprise was that Kaffeine happily plays SD teevee using that 
little Asus USB tuner that I got last year. It struggles with HD, but 
that's only to be expected. DVD Mpvies are no problem at all.

I thoroughly recommend it. :-)



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