[clug] Re: Re: Linux mobo - good and cheap (Daniel Pittman)

Adam Jenkins adamjenkins23 at aim.com
Fri Jan 2 23:15:59 GMT 2009

Daniel Pittman <daniel at rimspace.net> writes:

>I am surprised, I confess, that SuSE don't work nicely with the 
>out of the box, but I guess I have been spoiled by using distributions
>that do have solid, and pragmatic, detection and management of modern

I must admit I haven't played with SuSE in a while, but one bit of 
hardware that apparently recent versions support
is hardware using the ACX 111 (Texas Instruments) wireless chipset.
Which is more than can be said for Fedora.  I think I did get most of 
the way through the process of grabbing the firmware
image and compiling the kernel module, but I couldn't get it going 
straight away, and moved on to some other project
I think.  Has anyone else got any experience to share with using 
acx111-based wireless cards under these or other distros?

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