[clug] Looking for a PPC RPM

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 07:09:49 GMT 2009

My 9yo daughter has developed quite a liking for Texas Holdem Poker,
as exemplified by the excellent open source PokerTH.

The machine I have for her to play with at the moment is a G4 Power PC
Apple Powerbook and it's running Suse Linux.

I'd love to find a PPC RPM of pokerth, but my Google-Fu is weak today
and I seem to be able to find any architecture but that. Yes, I know I
could get the source and build it on the Powerbook but this is
complicated by that machine having no internet so I can't easily
install all of the dev tools and dependencies that I'd need to build
it. It's also complicated by me having no good ideas about where one
finds obscure RPMs. Ideally I'd like a nice RPM I can copy to a stick
from this net-connected x86 machine and smoothly install on the Apple.

Can someone enlighten me with a URL?


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