[clug] 3G Wireless (Dell WWAN 5520) on Notebook

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Fri Feb 27 01:01:44 GMT 2009

Karun Dambiec <kdambiec at ieee.org> writes:

> I have a Dell WWAN 5520 card built into my notebook which allows 3G
> internet access through a simcard. The notebook is a Dell Vostro 1400.
> Has anyone setup this card or a similiar one with Debian?  I have used
> it with Ubuntu previously which set it up instantly.

If it was configured you can, hopefully, tell us what the actual
hardware is?  (The modem hardware, not the laptop wrapped around it. ;)

> However I have changed to Debian because of the Debian Social
> Contract, and am needing to setup the card with Debisn.

Well, unless it used a binary-only driver[1] you should simply be able
to configure it the same way Ubuntu did and it should work.

Did you try that, and if so, how did it fail?


[1]  ...of which which I don't believe any exist for 3G WWAN hardware.

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