[clug] Perl "Preprocessor".

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 05:39:11 GMT 2009

> There are the modules which are included in the standard distribution,
> so you should have no problem using them

Sure, but in my case I am using a perl module that was "out there" and
not part of CPAN, it reads DICOM headers in medical imaging data and
now that it has no active maintainer there is no canonical site to get
it. :(

> The main problem is that modules that are not in the standard
> distribution may need building against the target architecture.( a lot
> of modules are architecture independent, but you don't find that out
> till you build them)

Sure, in this case though the module is more perl script only.

> The simple solution is to take the code in the module and adapt it to
> your script.

Aye, and all the various variable renaming's that might go along with it. <sigh>


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