[clug] Starlight Foundation

Pilcher, Fred Fred.Pilcher at act.gov.au
Mon Feb 23 04:55:44 GMT 2009

The Starlight Foundation
(http://www.starlight.org.au/Pages/default.aspx), which provides
services to seriously ill kids and their families, is setting up an
intranet for kids in Canberra hospital that will let them chat with
other kids, communicate, play games, etc. in a secure environment.

Essentially, they need a laptop installation that will connect and log
on so that the user just has to turn on the computer without having to
go through complex manual connection and login processes. They have the
laptops - all they need is the OS and the setup.

I've offered to help, but my technical expertise (hah) simply isn't up
to it.

Is there anyone among the CLUG luminaries who'd be prepared to help?
It's early days yet and only in the early discussion stages.

I'm sure the gods would amply reward anyone who could give some time to
this project.

E-mail or call me if you want more info or think you might be able to

Thanks. Seriously.

6205 0836 
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