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mark> What's really going to back your noodle is our MitM for ssh.	

francis> Bake, deep fry, and snap.  WTF?  That's completely retarded!	

There's no personal use of ssh - it's all strictly work related.	
I'm sure because ssh (like most things) is blocked by default.	

Doing the MitM permits the gateway to enforce policy regarding	
the various ssh options and features.  For example, you cannot	
bypass the gateway policies by using port forwarding...	

alex> You have to remember that IT divisions in government and	
alex> big companies are run by how much money they can spend,	
alex> not how much utility they add to the organisation.	

I'll acknowledge that; however, I know the team I'm in isn't about just	
spending what we're given - we're "lazy" in the Perl sense and more	
equipment just for the sake of spending means useless work for us.	

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