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Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Tue Feb 17 22:27:31 GMT 2009

Yes there is an add-on for thunderbird called enigmail.

Alex Satrapa wrote:
> On 17/02/2009, at 21:32 , Sam Couter wrote:
>> Your girlfriend uses GPG? You're a lucky man. My wife doesn't even know
>> what encryption is, let alone how to apply it. :(
> I had an add-on for Apple Mail called "GPGMail", which automates the
> process of encrypting mail. The hard part is generating the GPG keys,
> and selecting the primary identity. After that the addon will search
> keyservers for each recipient and encrypt/sign the message if possible.
> I wonder if such a thing is possible under Thunderbird?
> Alex

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