[clug] Dual dsl and load balancing

Adrian adrian.blake at ieee.org
Sun Feb 15 22:49:04 GMT 2009

Since I cannot get ADSL+  I have installed 2 ADSL lines and set them as
being symmetrical 512k in each direction.

I have 2 different modems and they are connected to a Linksys RV042
router. This, I hope, I have set-up correctly but I have my doubts.

Attempting to download a file the maximum speed is around 52k bytes/sec.
If I switch off one of the modems, same speed. Also a couple of web
based applications fail. With one modem the applications work, with both
modems they fail,  but not completely. It will start and progress part
way then fail, and not always at the same place.

I assume I have not set-up the router correctly. Some advice would be


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