[clug] Internet banking and browser compatibility

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Fri Feb 13 06:47:16 GMT 2009

Tim Murphy wrote:
> On Friday 13 February 2009 16:08:18 Paul Wayper wrote:
>> Their website is mostly plain HTML with bits of Javascript, and as such I
>> have been using it in Firefox for years.  The two-factor authentication is
>> a box of nine of icons that you have to select your chosen three in a
>> particular order. It too works with no problems.
> Community CPS used to use the icons authentication which I found a pain to 
> use.  I had a hard time remembering the icons (I only used the account 
> occasionally) and after three incorrect guesses I was locked out.  Having not 
> set up telephone banking I was forced to go into the credit union and 
> convince one of the managers that I needed a new password.
I too used Community CPS briefly and was much amused by the icons

For those who haven't seen it, the first login you choose three icons
from a substantial set.
Then you get a grid of nine icons displayed to you.  Six of them are
random, three are the ones that you chose.
You have to select your three from the grid, in order.  You have three
If you reload the page it doesn't count as a fail, you get a new grid

So with a little bit of deduction you can determine the three icons in
Which leaves nine possibilities and three attempts.  33% chance of
guessing :).

Back on topic.  They weren't on your list but I've only had minor
occasional issues with Bankwest (fixed with cookie reset) and
Commonwealth seems fine too.


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