[clug] Internet banking and browser compatibility

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Fri Feb 13 06:28:11 GMT 2009

Tim Murphy wrote:
>>> They're using SMS authentication now which is much better IMHO.
>> How does that work - they send an SMS to your phone requiring some suitably
>> coded reply?
> The final step in the transaction is to enter a code which  is sent to your 
> mobile.  The code times out after a very short amount of time (~1 minute I 
> believe).
>> Have fun,
>> Paul
> T

For what it is worth, Commonwealth also use that these days and their
site (pure javascript) has worked fine on Firefox and Konqueror for
years (actually, with Konqueror, it sometimes displays quite differently
but is still usable).


Bob Edwards.

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