[clug] Did you receive my following email

Peter Chung sales at snetclass.com
Wed Feb 11 05:27:20 GMT 2009

Dear Sirs,

Did you receive the email that I sent to you yesterday. We are one
of greatest multimedia classroom management software

  Our Snetclass software has following functions:

1.Teacher can broadcast screen and voice to student computer;
2.Students demo software to teacher and other students;
3.Teacher can remote monitor and control students?desktops;
4.Play all kinds of DVD/VCD media files to students computers;
5.Teacher can record screen and then playback to students;
6.Teacher can remote restart, turn off and shut down students computers;

If you can download the instructions video from the following website:


If you like to test our demo, I will forward the download for your testing.

I look forward to fast favorable reply!

Thank you


Peter Chung
Sales Manager
Snetclass Technology Co.,Ltd
Mail:sales at snetclass.com

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